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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Week in Bath

December 17-22, 2014: We tour the Bath area and take in the local sights.

"Taking the Waters"  

The Assembly Rooms

. . . they were having a "do" that night

Have Afternoon Tea at the Georgian Tea Room

Visit my favorite bank: NatWest with the Robert Adam ceiling!

The Holbourne Museum 

. . .  it's just across the street

We walked to . . .

. . . and the Royal Crescent


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bath . . . 4 Sydney Place

December 16, 2014: It’s Jane Austen’s birthday!  

Where else would one spend her birthday than in her old house in Bath?

Bath Boutique Stays owns the property and has four separate apartments for rent. 

It’s a dream come true to spend time there.

I was told by the manager that two other authors were in residence, their names: Jane and Cassandra. No fooling. I had to introduce myself to Jane Odiwe and Cassandra Grafton. They only stayed for a few nights to attend some Jane Austen birthday celebrations.