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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to Work on the Book ... 3 not 4

October 2011: The hubby and I are still rushing around. I have a quarter of the book left to write. I’d like to finish the first draft before I leave for Maui. I can do it, there is time.

 A Grand Deception arrives from my editor. I’m to proofread it and answer the Copy Editor questions before they send this to press. I have a week to turn it around.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Taking Some Time Off

September 2011: Time to get the kids off to school. The writing is put on hold while I shuttle to and from Southern and Northern California.  I could consider this a brain vacation except the hubby and I are doing too much. We’re busy every weekend doing… something.

I know I need to gear up for the annual Maui trip. After being away from Edward’s story I feel I can take a few weeks and just concentrate on writing the book. But then there’s the . . .

1)    Moving back into my office… I’ve got to set up my computer, move my boxes of stuff and sort out the material

2)    Start packing for the trip that’s just around the corner

I’m trying to fit some writing in when I can. I’m using an Excel sheet to keep track of the different subplots. I’ve never used this method before and it seems to be working.