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Friday, July 29, 2011

A Third New Start

June/July 2009 - I’m just getting into Charlotte’s story and I have to stop and do it all over again for Muriel. I know what happens in the book but where does the book start? It’s sort of frustrating to have to go through this again, so soon. But I push forward.

I learn that Moo was precocious at 12, at 15 she’s developing a mean streak, now at 17 . . . I’ll have to say she’s downright devious.

The inciting incident I have in my head happens at the end of Chapter 1. How fun it is to get it down on paper. I can see the end of the book, how event will play themselves out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A New Start . . . again

June 2009 - After finishing The Suitor List I need to work out what I think Book 2 is about. I know the basic story but where do I begin?

I know Charlotte even more lovely, with a sweeter disposition than her elder sister. I have to take care that she did not come across as weak. Worse than that, Muriel’s trying to take over the book. How could demure Char-Char possibly come to the forefront of her own book?

Some of the characters from The Suitor List will return. I make a list of their names.

I’m enjoying this book . . . it’s going to be such fun to write. I've reached the end of Chapter 2, Chapter 3 . . . and now I have to stop.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Selling the Series

May 2009 - I have a happily ever after for Book One. The title: The Suitor List.

I spoke to my editor about what she needs to see to consider a series. She asks that I submit the entire first book, and two or three chapters from the next two books.

I need to finish up Augusta’s book and figure out where the next two begin. I know Book 2 takes place in 1813 and Book 3 in 1815. For everyone to be the age I’d like them to be, Book 1 has moved from 1801 to 1811.

Talking about leaping forward! And it does NOT make this a time-travel.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heading for the Finish Line

April 2009 - The end is in sight. As always my mind drifts to the next book . . . I need a hero. I need a title! I need a real title for this book. I need ideas for the last three books.

Now I’m seeing the whole series as two parts. The first three are the Worth sisters trilogy. The last three almost could be stand alone books, not nearly as interesting without the reoccurring characters.

I’ve got the Gentlemen titles for each book but I’m struggling with the real titles. I’ll need them when it comes time to submit. Now that I’m nearly finished . . . what will my editor want to see when I’m pitching a series? I’ve never done this before.