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Friday, March 15, 2013

Book 3 Revisions Finished!

Mid March 2011: I found an extra 8,000 words, a few extra scenes, for Muriel’s book. I like the idea that I could liberally add to areas I thought could “use more.” 

I’m sending in the Revised manuscript and moving on to the Duke’s book with the new word count in mind. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Book 3 – The Revisions

March 2011:  All work on Book 4 stops.  The revision letter for Book 3 arrives.  On top of that… this round will be electronically done.  I’m not afraid but I’ve never done this before.  The editor is being a doll and giving me some help on how “Track Changes” works. 

I’m not panicking.  I do take my time and move through the manuscript addressing the editor’s comments and making corrections. I truly value her “new pair of eyes” looking at my story and I believe this will make the book better.

And there is something new… the publisher has moved from the “old” way of calculating word count to using the “actual/digital” word count.  This makes my story 8,000 words short. This means I need a few more scenes.

Yeah, it’s gonna take a bit of work. I’ve only got a couple weeks.